Digital signage draws Customer gazes magically attracted

The steps to your success

Dive into the breathtaking world of digital signage together with us. But what advantages does digital display advertising offer specifically for your company?

Professional display solutions can be easily integrated into existing interior design. We will be happy to advise you on this at any time and show you the countless advantages.


Rising sales figures


Environmentally friendly by dispensing with paper


Low effort


Innovative and modern


Always up to date


Winning new customers

Job Interview

Initial interview

During a non-binding and free initial consultation, we discuss all the requirements for the system and develop a concept for your business.


Project planning

You will receive an individually tailored offer from us with a time schedule and the costs for installation, hardware and software.

Business Consultant

Project start

We create suitable content for your business, which even demanding customers will look at. In addition, we take care of a sensible arrangement of your displays so that the entire project is visually incomparable.


Project progress

You will receive interim results of our graphic work from us so that you can draw our attention to any desired changes at an early stage.

Data Analysis

Project completion

Once you are satisfied with the overall result, the content is placed on your displays and the entire system is set up.


Further support

We will gladly take care of all changes and necessary adjustments to the graphic elements on a permanent basis, so that you can concentrate on the essentials during this time.

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Server monitoring

Smooth operation

We take care of the servers around the clock to ensure that all content is reliably shown on your displays, placing emphasis on high data security and high reliability


Digital signage using the example of digital menu boards

  • Products & prices are subject to change at any time

    In addition, special offers can be placed on the displays at any time according to the time of day, so that, for example, different products can be advertised in the morning than in the evening or prices change according to the day of the week / time of day.

  • Success is directly recognisable from the turnover

    The effect of your advertising can be seen transparently on the basis of sales. Unpopular products can be specifically increased in sales figures by placing them more prominently on your displays.

Digital signage opens up unimagined possibilities for your customer communication

Digital messages on displays generate attention, curiosity and offer your visitors additional orientation. We always ensure content that offers the viewer continuous added value. All of this has a significant impact on your company's success and promotes the positive perception of your brand.

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Strategic orientation

Together with you, we design a strategy that is individualised to your industry, your business and your products.

034-line chart


We design a concept to put your products in the spotlight and promote their sale.



We design your products in a modern layout to attract your visitors to your business.

018-monitor screen


We advise you on the acquisition of the right hardware according to your individual needs.

050-office cabinet


To enable effortless operation, we choose the right content management system for your shop.



We are always available for your concerns and place particular emphasis on straightforward communication.

Increased sales figures can prove the effect of digital signage

According to the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK), an increase of 16 to 24 percent was achieved through the use of digital signage in supermarkets

A Nielsen consumer survey shows an increase in sales of 33 per cent for advertised branded goods

Less costs for printing, distribution and placement of classic advertising media

Less wastage due to precise targeting of the target group

Lower personnel costs through the use of interactive info terminals that display timetables, availability of goods or prices

Central control of content - thus less effort for staff on site compared to standalone solutions such as TV set plus DVD player

Switching on and off is also handled by the units themselves

Play content on one or more screens without an additional external player thanks to Samsung's System on Chip (SoC) solution.

Easy integration of digital signage solutions into the existing interior design, e.g. of shops, flagship shops, reception halls, trade fair stands or waiting areas.

Upgrading the appearance and creating a modern, attractive ambience

Conveying a positive image of companies or brands by playing emotionally charged videos, useful infotainment or interactive service offers

More flexibility in creating and changing content compared to classic print advertising

Quick response and adaptation of content to the target group (e.g. targeted advertising for sunscreen in fine weather or regional motifs as part of a national advertising campaign)

Simple content delivery, e.g. via local HDMI-connected players, via USB memory or centrally via the network.

Central feed of content, e.g. to provide different branches with the same content at the same time

Reaching the target group directly at the point of sale or point of interest

More attention for products and services through moving images such as videos or animations

Precisely address your own target group

Perception of the messages also by customers outside the actual focus market

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